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My very own website!!! Yikes!


The follow/unfollow game: it’s personal :(

Back in September when I attended BlogOnXmas, I was chatting to another blogger and she told me of another ‘big’ blogger who plays the follow/unfollow game. I didn’t give it much thought but then today I checked back and indeed, this blogger is not following me on my social media despite both of us having […]

Autumn Half Term: how did it go?

Amazingly, half term has been and gone! I have no idea how it is already over! You may recall that I set our family a bucket list of things to do… so how did we get on? Rubbish actually, oops! The time completely ran away from me 🙁 Right then, let’s confess to the failures! […]

I’m a Halloween hater, sorry!

I have never been a fan of Halloween and now that it has grown in popular culture I like it even less. The only problem is… my kids love it! We recently bought them new costumes for the amazing price of only £3.99 each at Aldi. They are completely obsessed with their costumes. Matthew insisted […]

Autumn half term bucket list

OK so somehow the first half term of school has finished! I have absolutely no idea where the last 7 weeks have gone. How can little Anya be a sixth of the way through Year R already? I am really looking forward to having some time with all three children and I’m sure Zach can’t […]

BlogOnXmas in Manchester: my first ever conference!

Last weekend was a pretty big deal for me. I have already said that it was an item off my bucket list but in reality BlogOn was so much more than that. I have always struggled with shyness so being in a room full of people that I don’t know was terrifying. Meeting famous bloggers […]