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#MySundayPhoto help me identify this flower!

This bush in our garden has always had white flowers but this year it has red ones as well (you can see the white bud next to the red flower in the top pic). There are also some that are white with one or two red petals! Any ideas what it is?

#Project365 week 15: the second week of the Easter holidays

A busy first week has been followed by a busy second week of the holidays! Day 98: cousin time! They stayed at my parents’ for a 2 night sleepover. Here they are being shown the latest tablet action Day 99: an early birthday lunch! Day 100: I can’t believe Zach is 2! He was very […]

#MySundayPhoto Spring is here!

At last the sunshine has appeared! We had fun in the garden this week and I took this pic of the beautiful serene daffodil with the contrast of Zach racing past in the background.

#MySundayPhoto Happy Mother’s Day

I have really relied on my mum this week as I was struck down with an ear infection which resulted in me being bedbound with vertigo (it was SOOOO SCARY!) Mum does so much for me and the children, allowing me to go out to work, keeping Zach awake while I do the school run […]

#MySundayPhoto snow fun!

What a week! Zach’s first experience of proper snow and first time wearing wellies. Matthew and Anya’s first snow days. The first snowman at our home. Happy memories!

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