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Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs

I watched the first couple of seasons of Bones on TV a few years ago and really enjoyed them so put the Tempe Brennan books on my list to read one day: now I’ve finally got around to the first one!

Well it isn’t like the TV show but that isn’t really a bad thing. I read the book on the kindle app and was surprised at how long it was, maybe if I’d had a physical copy I wouldn’t have found it quite so lengthy (if that makes sense?!)

The plot is about a forensic anthropologist and being her own job Kathy Reichs knows her stuff! The murders weren’t too gory but they were unpleasant in their violence. It seemed a lot like the Silent Witness TV series of pathologists getting involved in cases when they shouldn’t and generally winding up the cops but obviously being right in the end. It was a little slow for the plot to develop yet the characters and procedures made this seem like a believable time frame for the events of the book. There was a lot of description of Quebec which might appeal to inhabitants or visitors although it wasn’t that interesting for me. Tempe seemed to eat a lot of unpleasant food, her feelings are well expressed and the relationships between the characters presented a lot of potential for future books.

Overall it was a good book and I plan to read some more in the series.

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