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Flowers for the Dead by Barbara Copperthwaite


So tricky to sum up my feelings about this book. I really enjoyed reading it but it was so awful in places. Throughout the whole book we are shown the dreadful life experiences of Adam who becomes a serial killer due to the sexual and emotional abuse he suffers at the hands of his mother. This is seriously uncomfortable to read and immediately got me sympathetic to the killer. Meanwhile you have the plot line of Laura who is recovering from the car crash that killed her entire family, again a tug at the heart strings. The you have the background of the police officer Mike who is also bereaved.

Adam doesn’t look for victims, he looks for women to love him. When this fails to happen in the flesh, he kills them so that their souls become part of him. The story is all about life moving forward on the part of all three main strand characters. Part of me wanted Adam to be caught and helped to recover from his terrible past but I think the actual ending was fitting if somewhat predictable.

I will definitely be wanting to read more by this author 🙂

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