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Possession by Peter James

WARNING do not read this at night or home alone!!!

This is a genuinely scary book! It was as un-put-down-able as a book can be for a busy mum. I read it as quickly as I could, even distracting me from watching Peppa Pig?!

Fabian Hightower dies in a car crash but his mum and dad both see him in the morning and it seems he has unfinished business. There were many very spooky bits to the book and if it were possible to cover your eyes with your fingers like scary TV it would have been necessary!

I won’t give away the plot but I will say that the ending for me was slightly disappointing after the build up of the previous 250 pages. However, for those readers who like to imagine their own ending, it will be perfect.

I have read other Peter James books in the past but they have been his detective novels. This is one of his older books so I shall look into reading more of those 🙂

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