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How to keep guinea pigs happy during the UK winter

We’ve been guinea pig owners for 10 months so this is our first experience of winter. The plunging temperatures have been worrying but we managed to keep our little ones warm during the coldest days and nights. Guinea pigs thrive in temperatures that suit us humans too so if you have indoor pigs then little […]

Job interview tips!

Soooo, I have a job interview in the morning. It has been four years since my last interview and if I’m entirely honest I don’t need the job so I’m not stressing too much. However, I am still preparing for it and thought I would share my top tips! Think about your appearance. First impressions […]

Why teens need parental love more than ever

Newborn days are hard. Terrible twos are tough. Primary school is difficult. Teenagers are a whiole other parental minefield. I have been invigilating exams this week and last, and have been reminding myself of how awful I found my own teenage years. the nightmare of friendships, the hormones, the self doubt and even hatred. My […]

Thinking of getting a guinea pig?

Thinking of getting a guinea pig? We are! Firstly, you can’t get just one guinea pig. They need to live in pairs at least, usually two boys or two girls together. They are very sociable and chatter frequently. Guinea pigs are a prey animal so should be kept apart and safe from cats, dogs, and […]

Trying to beat the winter blues

Hurrah we are finally in February! It seems ages since Christmas and I’m a little bit tired of the cold weather. Bring on spring! We haven’t had any snow to break up the cold. The magic of a white landscape goes a long way to clear the winter blues! Of course, playing in snow makes […]