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Thinking of getting a guinea pig?

Thinking of getting a guinea pig? We are!

Firstly, you can’t get just one guinea pig. They need to live in pairs at least, usually two boys or two girls together. They are very sociable and chatter frequently.
Guinea pigs are a prey animal so should be kept apart and safe from cats, dogs, and other potential predators. They should NEVER be left unsupervised with other pets even if they have been introduced with no issues.
Home: guinea pigs can live indoors or outdoors or a mixture of both. They are grazing animals so need regular access to fresh grass.
Food: guinea pigs have a problem with Vitamin C so need you eat plenty of leafy green veg alongside grass and hay.
Let’s talk about poo. Guinea pigs do two types of poo: hard pellets and soft pellets. They need to eat the softer ones! It is an essential part of their digestion but a bit yuck!
Grooming: longer haired breeds will need more frequent brushing, ideally every day. Nails may need to be clipped and teeth should be checked regularly in case they overgrow and need veterinary attention.
I hope this gives you a few hints on how guinea pigs might fit into your family and routine.
And…we now have two girls, Toffee and Sugar!



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