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Trying to beat the winter blues

Hurrah we are finally in February! It seems ages since Christmas and I’m a little bit tired of the cold weather. Bring on spring!

We haven’t had any snow to break up the cold. The magic of a white landscape goes a long way to clear the winter blues!
Of course, playing in snow makes you very cold and wet quite quickly so a roaring fire or a cosy blanket with a hot chocolate are needed!

Get outside! Yes, it is cold but kids usually don’t care 🙂 Layer up and head out into nature, get some sunlight or splash in puddles, skid on ice or admire the frost.
Exercise, even if it is just a walk. I don’t go running if it is less than 10 degrees (I usually wait until March) but most days I achieve my daily steps.
Eat well. Winter is a great time for comfort food and soups but keep an eye on the calories if you have reduced your physical activity due to the cold.

Keep your mind active. Read, write, draw, do puzzles, chat, cook, find a hobby, meet with friends.
This post is a light hearted look at feeling a bit low during winter. SAD is a medical condition that should be taken seriously. The ideas above are not intended to dismiss the severity of the condition or replace medical advice. If you feel particularly blue then contact your pharmacist or GP.

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  1. I am so over the cold weather too. It was warmer today, thankfully and I got a couple of loads of washing dried on the line.
    I love all of the comfort food at this time of year. It has really helped with cheering me up. x

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