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big mac

#MySundayPhoto 23rd July

This has got to be the highlight of my enitre year! Such an amazing opportunity and so much fun at McDonalds this week. I feel hugely privileged to get to see behind the scenes at McDonalds and I made my own Big Mac! Check out my blog for more details! #yournewmcdonalds #bigmac #mumblogger #ukblogger #ukparentbloggers […]

I’m lovin’ it! Innovations and a new era for McDonalds

McDonalds is special to me and my family. Full of happy memories. I remember every school holidays my cousins would come over and we would go to McDonalds for lunch. In the days before I went vegetarian and before I developed my wheat allergy, the Chicken McNugget was king 🙂 We took my grandparents there […]