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#Blogtober18 day 2: boobs for #breastcancerawareness

Boobs are brilliant. I have never been too keen on mine as I do not have a magnificent bosum. But they did the most incredible thing: they fed my babies. It wasn’t always easy but I breastfed all 3 until they were over a year old and gradually lost interest. Anya can’t wait to grow […]

Love #Blogtober17 day 12

Love is such a powerful emotion. When I first held my children, the rush of love was so intense it was a little bit scary. It was also a complete shock as I’d never known love could be that strong. I said to my parents in those early days that I was worried because it […]

5 fab things about breastfeeding and the reasons it sucks (pun intended!)

This week is World Breastfeeding Week. I have already written about my own breastfeeding journey and focused this week on supporting mums because breastfeeding is NOT EASY! Today I am thinking about the highs and lows of breastfeeding from a personal and hopefully slightly humorous perspective 🙂   The health benefits As well as protecting […]

World Breastfeeding Week 1-8 August 2017

  I have written before about my own breastfeeding journey with my three children and I don’t intend to repeat it here but I do want to reflect on the importance of breastfeeding as well as the alternatives. This photo was taken when Zach was 2 weeks old. He looks happy and content. Blissfully asleep. […]

How do you cope?!

This was what the lollipop lady said to me yesterday. Her daughter has just had her first baby and is struggling a little bit. I remember those days well, the first baby is a shock to the system! My partner Chris thought that having Matthew and Anya would prepare him for fatherhood but I think […]