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Social distancing versus self-isolation

Social distancing and self-isolation are not interchangeable! The only commonality is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently!   EVERYONE in the UK should be social distancing at the moment. Avoid contact with other people unless necessary. SIMPLE! Work from home unless you are a key worker Keep children at home unless you are a […]

Daily nutrients, weight loss and more at the Vegan Supplement Store

Since becoming vegan, I have discovered that my eating habits are not what I thought. I used to graze (snack!) during the day but I find it more difficult now as I cannot have nuts and fresh fruit due to my allergies. Plus I was drinking about a pint of milk which kept me feeling […]

#Blogtober18 day 2: boobs for #breastcancerawareness

Boobs are brilliant. I have never been too keen on mine as I do not have a magnificent bosum. But they did the most incredible thing: they fed my babies. It wasn’t always easy but I breastfed all 3 until they were over a year old and gradually lost interest. Anya can’t wait to grow […]

NOT an Easter bucket list!

In my calendar of post plans, I had noted down to write an Easter holiday bucket list. I love bucket lists as they are a great way to focus on things to achieve within a limited time period. However, the vertigo is still restricting me a lot (will it ever go?!) so trying to plan […]