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Running with asthma

When I was a kid at school I couldn’t run. I didn’t want to and I literally couldn’t. I have exercise induced asthma so I used that to feed my hatred of PE. Skip ahead a decade (or two! seriously not feeling like I’m in my 40s!) and I have joined the crazy jogger brigade […]

Beware of tics!

  I’m not really sure I’d heard of tics before I started dating Chris and moved in with Ollie the collie. Seeing a round mouldy-sweetcorn-looking lump on the floor was a bit gross but better than trying to remove it from a reluctant and wriggly pet! The kids have also had tics after going on […]

Our Covid diary: days 5-7

So Matthew and Anya tested positive for Covid last week and we have been zealously testing me, Chris and Zach but no sign of any second lines on those pesky tests of ours! I have skipped a few days in the ‘diary’ as not much has happened. Regular text messages reminding us of the legal […]

Social distancing versus self-isolation

Social distancing and self-isolation are not interchangeable! The only commonality is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently!   EVERYONE in the UK should be social distancing at the moment. Avoid contact with other people unless necessary. SIMPLE! Work from home unless you are a key worker Keep children at home unless you are a […]

Daily nutrients, weight loss and more at the Vegan Supplement Store

Since becoming vegan, I have discovered that my eating habits are not what I thought. I used to graze (snack!) during the day but I find it more difficult now as I cannot have nuts and fresh fruit due to my allergies. Plus I was drinking about a pint of milk which kept me feeling […]