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Nine Perfect Strangers series review

I recently listened to the audiobook of Nine Perfect Strangers so have now decided to compare with the show which I have now caught up on. There are some big actors in this series! Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy are the main stars and lead characters. Nicole plays Masha who owns the retreat and Melissa […]

The Twelve TV show review

One murder suspect. Twelve jurors with secrets of their own… Set in Australia, Kate is on trial for the murder of her niece whose body has never been recovered. Kate is an artist with a fixation on death, but does this mean she would kill her own flesh and blood for artistic purposes? Kate’s sister […]

The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde, and the recent TV adaptation

The Canterville Ghost is a short story by Oscar Wilde written in 1887 but the style, content and commentary is surprisingly modern. This Christmas it was re-interpreted into a 4 hour (2×2 hour episodes, including adverts) version starring Caroline Catz, James Lance and the wonderful Antony Head as the Ghost. It has been at least […]

The Small Hand, by Susan Hill: book and TV review comparison

Susan HIll has been terrifying me since I was little (aged about 10 and there is NO WAY I would let Matthew read it as he approaches the same age!) when I read and then watched The Woman In Black. I also saw the theatre production in my 20s and scared myself silly. Simply spooky […]