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My very own website!!! Yikes!

#GlobalBlogging 90

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging! I am very excited to have been invited to join as a host for 2018. This year we have the extra twist that we want to be more active onĀ social media (see below to get your posts shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). Please encourage your […]

#Blogmas18 day 7: Christmas party playlist

When putting up our Christmas decorations, we listen to the same music that we have listend to for the last 30 something years. Is is just me or are modern Christmas songs just rubbish??? The last good song was Stay Another Day by East 17 and even that isn’t too Christmassy apart from the ringing […]

#Project365 week 49

Day 336: …and following on from last week‘s last photo, now we have our outside Christmas decorations up too! Day 337: Anya went out with the Beavers to collect money with Santa’s sleigh Day 338: testing out some vegan sweets: YUM! Day 339: Matthew’s turn to go out with Santa and the Cubs Day 340: […]

#Blogmas18 day 6: Christmas through the years

Christmas was always so exciting as a child but there was a lull in my teens and early twenties šŸ™ Thankfully having children re-ignites the fun! First Christmas for each of my three little ones: 2010, 2012 and 2016. Christmas is also tinged with a little sadness now as I think back to family members […]

The Memory by Lucy Dawson

I confess that I tend not to read the blurb about books and go by the front cover. This allows me the freedom to be immersed in the book without any preconceptions about the plot or characters. This book totally surprised me. From the very first chapter, I was on edge and in shock, and […]