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My very own website!!! Yikes!


#MyCustomSign blogger challenge

I am the first to admit that my creativity and artistic talents are pretty non existent 🙁 I saw the competition to create a sign and despite my better judgement decided to give it a go! So here is my entry: As you can see, no frills, no fancy lettering, no simple stylish logo. Instead, […]

More competition wins!

I wrote recently about my surprise competition wins as I consider myself unlucky and rarely win anything. The tide has turned! Two more competition wins this month. First of all another one from BattleMum before she disappeared to the sunnier climes of Portugal. I won this set of 4 Safe Sip covers and matching beakers. […]

The unluckiest woman in the world wins TWO competitions!

I count myself as very unlucky when it comes to competitions. But this month I have won not one but two different prizes. (Admittedly I have entered more competitions in the last couple of months that I have in the last decade.) First up was a puzzle from BattleMum. I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle […]