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SENSSE Anti Ageing Facial Cleansing Brush and Exfoliator

Once there was a woman who thought her little sister looked a bit old. Then she looked carefully at her own face and got a bit of a shock! I’m getting old too! I had noticed the grey hairs but not the crow’s feet and other fine lines. I use moisturiser religiously but the hands […]

10 things that make me happy!

Thank you to the wonderful Mummy and Rory for the tag! Take a look over at her post to see what she chose! My children. Yes, they drive me mad most of the time but there is something adorable about them 🙂  Crisp time. I have done a vlog about things I can’t live without […]

Baby Nails review and giveaway!

One of the most awkward things about babies is their rapidly growing pointy little nails! The panic of attempting scissors or clippers! I usually resort to nibbling but as they get older this tends to result in being kicked or punched in the face 🙁 All three of mine have been absolute terrors about their […]

National Selfie Day!

I hate selfies. Everyone else’s look glam. Mine look grim. The angle is always wrong so my forehead or chin or something looks huge! (or maybe it is just my weird features…!)   Please leave a comment with any tips! I am never going to be sultry. I will never have the pout thing. Instead […]

Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party

The shy girl hosting a party? Seriously?! I only went and did it! Yay me! I was inspired to support Marie Curie’s Blooming Great Tea Party so that they can continue with their work to help people with terminal illnesses and their families. I cheated a little and bought a few cakes but also got busy […]