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Archive for January 2018

#MySundayPhoto: sunrise

For this week’s photo I have chosen to show you this sunrise from our kitchen window. I love our tree especially in autumn when it has the most beautiful russet tones. In this pic I love the silhouette against the stunning sky. I confess to being inspired by Photalife’s range of sunrises and although mine […]

#Project365 week 4

How has your week been? Mine has been crazily busily with a Scout executive meeting, a work meeting, all the usual emails, exam invigilation 3 mornings, keeping on top of my blog, Matthew had an extra Beavers session and then today I was in London. Day 21: we had a meal out at Bella Italia […]

Helen’s sandwich bread mix

YUM! I have bought this bread mix soooooo many times! It is utterly delicious an extremely easy to make. In fact I was going to get Zach to make it to show you just how simple the instructions are, however, in traditional cooperative child fashion, he decided to demand food instead so I fed him […]

Glam Goo: slime gets fashionable!

I’ll be perfectly honest that I am not the biggest fan of goo/slime/putty. The kids LOVE it! Which is why the neon orange science putty Matthew has is now a rather repulsive brown colour and we have stains on bedding and carpets 🙁 Glam Goo offers an exciting alternative to normal putty or slime: you […]

Wedding Wednesday: the ring

You might be fed up with pics of my engagement ring by now, but I will never get bored of looking at it! I chose the ring myself and I think it is perfect. The stone in the centre is tanzanite which is a gemstone from Tanzania that was only discovered in the 1960s and […]