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#Project365 week 4

How has your week been? Mine has been crazily busily with a Scout executive meeting, a work meeting, all the usual emails, exam invigilation 3 mornings, keeping on top of my blog, Matthew had an extra Beavers session and then today I was in London.
Day 21: we had a meal out at Bella Italia and then went to see Star Wars The Last Jedi again. Really enjoyed our couple time plus the food and film were amazing!

Day 22: a big day for Zach! He moved from his cot into a toddler bed and then managed to sleep there ALL night! Yay!

Day 23: And here are the whole crww the next night. Such happy little faces. But seconds later Zach decided that last night was a fluke and he DEFINITELY did not want to be in his own bed. Cue a very bad night…

Day 24: …which then resulted in an afternoon nap. Zach had decided to stop having naps about 6 weeks ago but sheer exhaustion got the better of him.

Day 25: Anya came home from school and announced that she needed to make a superhero mask before school the next day. She demanded glitter, sequins, ribbon etc. PANIC!

Day 26: this week has been a tough one and we are all absolutely knackered (thanks Zach!). The mum guilt attacked when I put them on their tablets so I could make dinner in peace and quiet…

Day 27: today I went to the first ever London Blogging Event and finally got to meet Ana who is an amazing blogger over at Faded Spring and has inspired me to look for vegetarian and cruelty free products.


  1. always a hard transaction from cot to bed, I know the twins always end up in one bed or the other but they like to be together. He should settle down soon.
    I think tablets and tv’s make a good babysitter when needs must.

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