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When We Were Innocent, by Kate Hewitt

TRIGGER WARNING: Nazi atrocities Libby needs to re-evaluate her whole life when her 96 year old father is accused of being a Nazi war criminal. She starts from a position of denial but can’t challenge the evidence. How will her family survive this shocking revelation? When We Were Innocent is a dual timeline book showing […]

Lemon and blueberry cake with lemon icing

As ever, I had enthusiastically bought an ingredient (lemons) with no real idea of what I was going to use them for! I hadn’t had cake in AGES so chose to play around and make a lemon cake and throw in some blueberries from the freezer. It was YUM! Ingredients: 100g vegan butter or margarine […]

Secrets on the Island, by Stewart Giles

A prestigious school on Guernsey is set to hold a reunion for the class of 1989. The famous alumni include an actress, a chef, a cabinet minister and a US senator. Tension is high when a bomb hoax suggests there could be danger ahead… Secrets on the Island is the 8th book in the wonderful […]

The Bletchley Girls, by Anna Stuart

Steffie, Fran and Ailsa all come from very different backgrounds. Yet all have been specially chosen to join the war work at Bletchley. They form a strong friendship but their abilities lead them towards danger and war… The Bletchley Girls is an historical novel beginning in 1940 as three women arrive to work for the […]

The Silence Before Dawn, by Amanda Lees

France 1944. Lovers Marianne and Jack are brave resistance fighters against the Nazi occupiers. But their group is betrayed. Both survive the raid but Jack is captured. Marianne is planning to rescue him when she is informed that Jack is the traitor. She is determined to prove his innocence but is she mistaken…? The Silence […]