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Murder at St Saviour’s, by Merryn Allingham

Flora and Jack find themselves embroiled in another murder when the new curate is found dead at the bottom of the church’s bell tower. The police suspect one of the bell ringers but the curate was living under an asumed name… Murder at St Saviour’s is the 5th book in the Flora Steele series. It […]

The Wrong Ghost, by Victoria Connelly

In the days leading up to the anniversary of her husband George’s death, Bea Beaumont misses him more than ever. Rattling around the historic stately home that they shared, she makes a wish for George to return. George Beaumont’s ghost appears but it is the wrong ghost… The Wrong Ghost is an utterly charming warm […]

All The Courage We Have Found, by Carly Schabowski

1942 Kasia rescues a mute Polish girl from a ghetto and escapes to France with her. They stay with winemaker Hugo but Kasia has a secret role to send radio messages to the Allies which puts them all in danger… All the Courage We Have Found is an historical novel set during the Nazi occupation […]

#DreamTeam blog linky 28

Work has been really tough this week so I am definitely counting down the days to the Christmas holiday! How are you all?  Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam linky. We want bloggers and instagrammers to interact and support each other but please double check the rules. The #DreamTeam linky is open to […]

For Richer, For Deader, by Helen Golden

Lady Beatrice’s sleuthing skills are required again when a family friend receives dead animals alongside threatening notes to cancel their high profile wedding. The situation escalates when the personal chef is found dead too… For Richer, For Deader is the second book to feature Lady Beatrice. I have previously reviewed the first book Spruced Up […]