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Mr Stink by David Walliams

I got this for my birthday and loved it! Now waiting to share it with the kids!
This was a much simpler book than Awful Auntie in terms of language and plot. It has a lot of humour in it but also gives great emphasis to empathy.
So, the plot centres around a deeply unhappy little girl called Chloe. She has trouble at school and feels out of place at home too. Her mum is campaigning to be an MP (this plot dynamic made me laugh in light of the recent election!). She meets Mr Stink, a tramp who lives in the town with his dog Duchess.
Worried that her mum’s campaign will drive him away, Chloe invites Mr Stink to live in the shed. Will she discover the truth about Mr Stink…? Yes of course she does. Yay!
Mr Stink is a kind of Mary Poppins characters, arriving to show Chloe’s family how much love exists in their home and how to bond together as a family.
This is truly a heartwarming story even to a cynic like myself. It teaches important lessons about judging people on their appearance and also introduces children to the topic of politics. David Walliams is definitely a superb successor to Roald Dahl.

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  1. Sounds like a great book to share with the kids! And it is on DVD too? I’ve never heard of this book but I will look into it and see if it is at the local library to read with my youngest this summer.

  2. I have so much love for good children’s books, just for myself! This sounds great. I didn’t know Quentin Blake was illustrating David Walliams’ books either, that makes me want it even more.

  3. What an interesting story. I haven’t read any of David Walliams books yet as the boys are a bit too little but will definitely have to buy some when they are a little older.

  4. I love David Walliams books and my he is my daughter’s favourite author. I haven’t read this one though, but my daughter has. Thanks for the reminder, I have been planning to read this books for a while now, I am just going to get started with it today.

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