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The Hunted by Chrissy Lessey

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the author following my previous review of The Coven (Chrissy is lovely!) and jumped at the chance to read the next in the series!
In this book the coven have now become the hunted as Susan escapes from the psychiatric hospital to get her revenge on the witches that took away her powers. Meanwhile Stevie is exploring her newly discovered magic and adjusting to life as a witch whilst also dealing with a new relationship and the emotional baggage of her previous one.
There was a little more about the history of the witches including links to the Salem witch trials. This was perfect for me and was what I’d said I wanted in my first review!
The journey of discovery for Stevie and her autistic son was really interesting to read and completely believable. I found myself wanting to warn the characters as we also see the bad witches’ perspective and can anticipate what will happen next. I really care about what happens to them!
The book itself is easy to read and very enjoyable. The language makes the characters come to life and the subject accessible to those who don’t know a great deal about witches or history (my university dissertation was about witches!)
The most awful bit but also the most brilliant was the ending. I actually shouted ‘Don’t stop there!’ as I am desperate to know what happens next!

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  1. Being a pagan I love all books like this , naturally, really miss reading but with having a 9 week old , after a few pages I’m ready for the land of nod! Lol x

  2. Amy

    Sounds like my kind of book! I need to read this!! I recommend Angel in Training by C.L Coffey also a fab supernatural series by a small upcoming author #kcacols

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