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Monday 12th September 2016

Not even 7am and I’d already yelled “Anya, get your eyeballs off your brother!!!” You see, she has this weird eyeball thing where she tries to put her eyes on things and her baby brother is one of her favourites.

Time to get ready for school. Matt and Anya refused to go to the toilet so bribery ensued and promises of sweets to anyone who tried. Obviously they both needed to go…mum knows best but why can they not figure that out?!

Zach was not keen on sleep last night so Anya enjoyed some youtube time while I sat like a zombie drinking a mocha. Who knew that watching other children and adults opening toys or colouring in was the most fun thing ever?! Matt and Anya have made their own videos which he takes very seriously and she shouts “bottom” A LOT! If you want to see them, their channels are called Train Slam and Anyaboo. Anyway, Zach was way ahead on the least popular child award today.

I have been feeling a little bereft for the past few days because I don’t have any bread which means NO TOASTIES 🙁 not that I’m obsessed or anything. Well actually I might be. I’d not had toasties since I was 18 or so due to my wheat allergy but when we went on holiday in July wheat free options were available (yay York). And as I was tucking in to my second toastie, I asked Chris why we didn’t have these at home and we realised there was NO REASON! Hurrah so I ordered my toastie maker when I got home and have been enjoying them for the past 6 weeks (I’ve restrained myself to 2-3 times a week). Anyway I ran out of bread and haven’t the energy to battle the big supermarket with the kids so am waiting for Asda to deliver to my door on Wednesday (hopefully I’ll be back from work by then).

Actually the toastie maker is my SECOND favourite thing in our house. I really love our kitchen scissors which may seem odd but they make me happy with their dishwasherness and take-apart-ability.

I felt a bit sad for Anya today as most of her friends were starting Year R today but because she is a September baby she has to wait until next academic year 🙁

Matthew had a successful day at school, or as we phrase it “no wee, no poo, no yoghurt” and therefore no emergency washing required. He went back to Beavers today after the summer break. Why did I think it would be a good idea to complete two more badges?! More sewing beckons…

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