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Monday 9th January: feeling old and young

Anya and I went to a birthday party yesterday. I was the oldest mum there. I also used to teach several of the other mums 10 years ago.

I felt OLD.

Then I got chatting to one of the grandparents and was thrilled when she said she thought I was the same age as the other mums (20s)! Felt young again 🙂

I was thrilled. I’m not averse to getting old. It’s better than the alternative (!). I may pick out the odd grey hair (when I manage to catch the evil things!) but I like being grown up. My face has lines and grey circles under my eyes. My body has stretch marks. But they are a tribute to the life I have led, the children I have, the laughter and the tears. I now have the confidence to go out without make-up, something unimaginable 10 years ago. I used to be incredulous as a teenager that Mum didn’t wear make-up, now I appreciate that natural beauty is a billion times more attractive.

I would like to make more effort with my appearance but see little point when Zach could rip my earrings out or get baby mush on my clothes. I also want to teach the children to love themselves as they are, especially 4 year old Anya who wants to plaster herself in make-up to ‘be pretty’. A couple of years ago I got dolled up and asked Matthew if he noticed anything different and he replied ‘yes, you have a spot’…

Oh yes, spots in mid thirties, who knew?! 🙁

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