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Saturday 24th December: sleep training, advent calendars and Christmas prep

Well, we finally got around to it. No more putting it off. Sleep training… You may have read my older post about Zach resisting all attempts over the summer to get him to sleep properly like his siblings before him and turn me into a functional human being again.

Matthew and Anya were packed off to my parents for two nights so that we could crack him. And it worked. Straight away. 😀

20 minutes of shouting each time and he turns himself to sleep on his front which makes me worry due to the cot death risk. He still wakes twice in the night for a very brief feed but that is fab compared to the 4-5 feeds previously.

Daytime is a bit more tricky as he doesn’t want to miss out on anything fun. He stands in his cot, fall over, even poos to avoid staying in there. It all worked early in the week but now he has discovered ways to force me to get him back out again 🙁

Our days are manic right now in the holidays. We have had visitors every day to keep the kids entertained and now Chris’ mum is here to stay for 5 days.

I have finished all the advent calendar videos and the final review of each is below, please watch if you have time. I get the giggles at the end of the Minions one because Zach was giving me funny looks when I said goodbye to the camera. And I managed to cut the top of my head off in the Friends one ad didn’t have time to re-film it 🙂

I’m really looking forward to hosting our first Christmas this year and I’m keeping out of the way as Chris is in charge of the cooking (to avoid the vegetarian me pulling grossed out faces). But I made my own wheat free mince pie and lemon curd tarts today while Grandma Penny looked after the kids, yum!



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