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The history of the Easter Bunny

At the grand old age of 36, it has suddenly occurred to me that I have absolutely NO IDEA why there is an Easter Bunny. I can see the link between Easter and eggs (symbolising new life but also refers to the fasting for Lent) but bunnies have me completely stumped!
Time to get researching…

According to my good friend Wikipedia, the first mention of the Easter hare (as it was called then) was in Germany in the 1600s. The hare would judge children’s behaviour in the same way as Santa Claus and reward them with eggs for being good.

It turns out that rabbits and hares symbolise new life too as they have lots of babies!

It has also been proposed that rabbits may have a link to the Saxon goddess of the Spring whose name was Eostre (also known as Ostara).
As Easter Day is also April Fool’s Day, I thought I would finish with some Easter jokes!
Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road?
He was chasing the chicken that lays chocolate eggs!


How does the Easter Bunny keep fit?
Eggs-ercise and hare-obics


What does the Easter Bunny think of chocolate?
It’s eggs-cellent!


Why was the Easter Bunny grumpy?
He was having a bad hare day!


Why isn’t there an Easter Dinosaur?
Because they’re eggs-tinct!
I hope the Easter Bunny judges you all kindly this year and brings you the eggs you deserve!
Happy Easter!


  1. It’s so interesting isn’t it? I read that the Easter Bunny was also thought to be connected to pagan traditions as a symbol of life and spring. Fascinating! Thanks so much for joining us as a host on #Blogstravaganza this weekend, it’s great to have you πŸ™‚ x

  2. Maggie

    How interesting! I like finding out how these holiday traditions really begin. Though I’m behind any holiday with a cute fluffy animal. #blogstravaganza

  3. I love those jokes, just up my street! I think the whole rebirth thing gets linked back to Jesus rising from the dead in the cave… not bad for someone who was raised jewish haha! #blogstravaganza

  4. I’d never thought about where the easter bunny came from either so this is really helpful if my kids ask (which they probably won’t this year as they are too excited about chocolate – but next year maybe! ) #blogstravaganza

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  6. This is quite an interesting read. I never really understood the idea behind a giant bunny delivering eggs to children.I don’t remember it being as big a deal when I was a child, there wasn’t so much hype as there is now #TriumphantTales

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