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Wednesday 7th December: an astonishing revelation…

OK chaps, are you ready for this?

I miss cleaning. Seriously, I actually miss cleaning.

My mum would reel in shock at hearing this, and then possibly start laughing hysterically.

But I am actually missing it. I think longingly of the last days of pregnancy when I was cleaning the bathroom floor and all the skirting on my hands and knees. I am definitely not a clean freak but surely pangs of longing about cleaning are not normal.

I’m starting to think that I’m not normal. A mum on the playground has just had her third child and turned up looking fabulous just a couple of days later and had even found time to put make up on.

I am obviously doing something wrong. Last week I went into Job Number 1 and when I got home I caught sight of myself in the mirror and had Zach’s porridge in my hair and a grey hair sticking out prominently at the front. NOT GOOD. Then as I’ve mentioned before there was the time I had a hair growing out of my FOREHEAD. What the flip?! And a few years ago there was a hair growing out of the middle of my cheek. I’m only 35 but my body thinks I’m Wolverine?!

Back to today. Anya has gone off bread. Therefore her packed lunches are problematic. We finished the crackers so today I’m sending her to preschool with toast. I shudder to think what the staff will think. I have never heard of toast in a lunchbox, have you?

Zach seems to be developing more personality. Bad news, it’s mine. He is cynical and this morning he actually raised his eyebrows in disbelief when I told him I wouldn’t pick up the toys he was deliberately throwing on the floor. Of course he was right and I dutifully picked them up after a few minutes.

He’s already spectacularly unpopular after last night. Firstly, when I arrived home at 9pm after Job Number 3, Matthew and Zach were both still awake. Matthew promptly went off to bed but an hour later I caved in and fed Zach to sleep. He then thanked me by waking up a further 4-5 times during the night :'(

No cleaning today either then… zzz…

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