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Why I LOVE school uniform

When I was a teenager (and perhaps even earlier based on the excitement of my own little ones) the highlight of the term was non uniform day. Here’s me back in 1997 in my school uniform:

This week the school where I invigilate exams has decided it is too hot for uniform and the children have been allowed to wear whatever they want.
I am not convinced this is a good idea.

There is an awful lot of flesh on display and I’m not sure teens can be trusted to apply sun cream to protect themselves as they bask outdoors during break times.
The girls have also interpreted non uniform to mean wear as much make up as possible. I don’t know how they can do that in this heat! But they do. It is impossible to tell the age of many of the girls and they certainly look way older than 14 or 15.
Next up: boys and girls in shorts. Their thighs sticking to chairs in this ridiculously hot weather. I know from my own experience that it isn’t pleasant!
Finally is the pressure to be fashionably ‘cool’ and I certainly remember this from my own school days. The fear of wearing the same outfit as someone else. The wrong trend, the wrong length, the wrong colour, the wrong slogan, the wrong brand. PRESSURE!

I actually think that school uniform is a great idea. No lengthy decisions each day on what to wear. No spoiling of good clothes with paint etc.
Yes, children will always subvert the rules in some way, by tying their tie in a particular way or rolling their skirt up. But the general rules will be followed and it makes them all equal. It also clearly identifies them as part of the school and unites them with an identity.

As a member of staff at a school, it is also a relief to know that you won’t be dressed the same as a student and would probably be a relief to the kids as well (can you imagine the horror and shame of wearing the same outfit as a teacher???)
Has your school relaxed the uniform rules in this hot weather? Have you ever worn the same outfit as someone else?


  1. Tracey Abrahams

    It seems odd that a school would totally drop their uniform because of the weather, surely just relaxing it would be more appropriate.


  2. Poe

    I went to public school in the USA. We didn’t have uniforms. It certainly promoted self-expression, but I can see it being abused. Even with the freedom of wearing your own style, people often broke the rules.


  3. I am pro uniform all the way. It makes a parent’s life easier in the sense that you don’t need to stress about what your kid is going to wear. Let’s not even get into the whole “but mom, xxx has the latest trends, Can I have what xxx has?” I work in corporate and my oh my the amount of flesh I see is insane. How do these people not know what is NOT work wear appropriate? Could it be that at school they were given free reign to wear whatever they felt like? #GlobalBlogging

  4. We homeschooled our kids, so uniforms were not an issue, but I did require everyone to get dressed and be civilized because I felt as if it helped them to take their school work more seriously.

  5. I agree with school uniform too….There is already so much pressure on children these days adding no uniform would only cause more stress.
    My teen actually did her English speaking test on this subject last week and raised the same points….hehehe

  6. I have come from schools that wear uniform. I don’t mind it because I guess it made everybody look smart or something. However there were also instances when we were allowed non-uniform days and that was fine too. We did have school dress codes to follow uniform or not so everybody still wore “proper” clothes. #globalblogging

  7. I taught at a school for over 30 years that did not have uniforms. We had soooo many problems with students breaking the rules of the dress code. that was during the time that boys thought it was fashionable to waddle around with their pants down around their knees. I told boys to “pull up your pants” 20 times a day! Uniforms would have alleviated that problem.

  8. I love the concept of school uniform because it puts kids on equal playing field. Stops bullying due to not having the money to follow fashion trends etc #GlobalBlogging

  9. It’s difficult to get this right. My children’s school have let them go without blazers in hot weather but all the girls still look ridiculous and impractical and HOT in black nylon tights. My children like their uniform, which is great in my opinion as it washes easily and saves a lot of heartache over fashions. It is a pity it’s so inflexible in extremes of weather. They’re not even allowed boots in snow.

  10. I think school uniforms are great, they take out some of the stress and frustration of getting ready in the morning. And like you said, less pressure to be ‘on trend’ and things like that. #GlobalBlogging

  11. Yup!!! All the way. When we lived in the US, my son was teased because he had a dinosaur on his shirt. He was told he was wearing a baby shirt. I was fuming. It just creates an environment where kids don’t have to worry about ANOTHER issue. #globalblogging

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