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Holiday 2022: Plymouth

On the third day of our holiday we visited Plymouth. Our first stop was the Mayflower Museum which cost £8 for a family ticket.
In case you don’t know, The Mayflower was a ship that sailed to America in 1620 and the museum charts their voyage but also looks at the catastrophic effect of their arrival on the native population. I was fascinated by the display showing normal and famous Americans and the ancestors they have in common.

Our next stop was the Elizabethan House. A family ticket costs £12. The journey through time begins on the top floor before moving down stairs and through time. I enjoyed reading the information about the individuals who had lived in the house over the centuries.

We went for a wander to see the sights of Plymouth including a lighthouse called Smeaton’s Tower and statue of Francis Drake.

After lunch we went to The Box which is a free museum. There was a gorgeous art exhibition as well as many Barbara Hepworth sculptures. Our favourite room was the natural history collection.
Finally it was a little bit rainy so we went to the cinema to see Minions: The Rise of Gru.

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