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Wales 2018: Llandaff Cathedral, St Fagans National Museum and Llantwit Major

We started our day with Zach’s favourite thing in the world: counting steps! It took a long time…

We looked around Llandaff Cathedral and admired the Rosetti triptych before heading to the old bishop’s palace.

The main part of our day was spent at St Fagans National Museum (no apostrophe!) which has rescued buildings from around Wales and preserved them for future generations. There was also a fairground and castle to enjoy!

St Fagans is one of the places that I visited as a 10 year old child on a residential trip and I remember the tannery in particular because someone stuck their hand in front of my camera as I took my pic: horrendous in the days when you only had 24 shots and were using a disposable camera!
Finally we headed off to Llantwit Major, a beach known for fossil hunting.

The beach was absolutely sweltering hot and there was no shade. We weren’t brave enough to chip at the cliff side as there were warning signs up. We had a go at cracking open some rocks on the beach but found no fossils. Sadly, our first attempt at fossil hunting was ultimately disappointing šŸ™


  1. Sorry to hear about the lack of fossils however it looks like you discovered some other fun activities. I like counting steps too! Llandaff Cathedral looks really dark and sinister… popping over to read from #DreamTeam and #BloggerClubUK

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