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Home learning weeks 3 and 4 (Easter holidays)

We might have had two weeks of Easter but I felt it was important to keep a routine in place so that it wouldn’t be too tricky to get back into afterwards! With the exception of the bank holidays and weekends, we followed a reduced schedule compare to the first two weeks of home learning and focussed on the basics as well as developing life skills.
The plan versus the reality
Mon-Fri 6-17 April
1 hour daily: spellings, times tables, sewing, knots, laces, chopping onions, peeling potatoes, PE/exercise
We completed PE with Joe live every morning at 9am. We then had a quick break (to recover!) before working on spellings and Maths.
I taught Matthew and Anya to tie shoelaces and now they are experts. I am still being a hard taskmaster and making them tie 5 laces before they can have a snack or go and play.
We also had a go and mending clothes and darning socks. This involved learning to tie a know and thread a needle.

There was more cooking including white chocolate rice krispie cakes again. We had some left over icing from Zach’s birthday cakes so the kids decorated some biscuits they had made with me.


I organised our first Easter egg hunt using toy surprises from Zuru.


We finally made it out for a daily walk! My asthma played up for the first time in 20 years and scared all of us so we have stayed in with the exception of Chris walking Ollie and collecting shopping.

Inspired by Anya’s Beavers group, we decided to camp in the garden. We chose the warmest night but Chris and I were FREEZING whilst the kids slept like babies.

Matthew and Anya rediscovered bike riding and we spotted my parents out for their daily walk.

Matthew designed his own Lego board game, using his imagination and construction creativity.

Back to our normal routine now (see weeks one and two) How are you getting on during lockdown?


  1. We have been starting each day with a bit of exercise too, a morning dog walk. Then we make a start on some school work. My teen follows her normal school lesson plan, using the work set by the school online. She’s also been doing her fair share around the house. Yesterday she hung some washing out on the line and put more washing in the machine while I mowed the lawn. #StayClassyMama

  2. I’m very impressed with the teaching them to sew. My daughter has also been ‘camping’ but all around the house. She builds a den/tent and moves from room to room. I have said she has to go back to her actual bed once school is over…it’s a small thing but she seems to think it’s great fun #StayClassyMama 1

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  4. We have mostly stuck to our routine, but we are used to it due to being regular homeschoolers so it’s not phasing us as much, although not being able to go out to stuff we are used to doing is hard and I am feeling the strain of doing it all, without that. I think you are doing a great job and they look like they are safe, having fun and learning in a way that works for them and you are making the best of things, which frankly at this stage is what is most important. Also baking counts for so many educational things 😉

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