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2021: a year of gratitude

I don’t think any of us expected 2021 to turn out quite the way it did. Covid has not disappeared as we hoped! But I am brimful of thanks and gratitude for this year, our time together as a family.
January: more lockdowns and Chris still working from home.

February: discovering new vegan favourites

March: finally getting the kids back to school

April: how can my baby be five?!

May: and this grown up baby turned 11!

June: time with family, enjoying our local area

July: nature’s bounty in our garden

August: a few days out

September: back to school. Matthew started secondary school and Anya turned 9.
October: Blog On was back and I felt the blogging mojo agian

November: we finished our book marathon of the 7 Harry Potter books

December: feeling festive

There has been a major upheaval in our lives this year with the death of Ollie two weeks before his 16th birthday. My heart still aches and we all miss him so much.

However, the overwhelming emotion for the year is gratitude and live as we look back on all that has happened. We are safe, we are well and mostly we have been happy.
And now we turn to 2022, what surprises are in store…?


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