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Goodbye and thank you 2023

Another year over, a new one’s just begun! But I love looking back at all of the wonderful things we have done so indulge me…
January: all year I worked hard on my languages (Italian, French and German, with a little bit of Welsh during our holiday)
February: back to running on the warmer mornings. I feel really proud of myself for keeping up with the habit even if I am only a fair weather runner!
March: I got our first guinea pigs! Little did I know that I would have 17 by the end of the year…
April: I started a little venture of petsitting and babysitting, meeting some lovely animals and children. We made an effort to go out and about this year with the dogs, enjoying beaches, woods and National Trust properties.
May: I joined a local book club. It was the King’s coronation and we got 2 more guinea pigs.
June: we rehomed 3 more guinea pigs. I worked almost full time as exam invigilation got into full swing. I also discovered audiobooks and can’t believe I’ve missed out on them for so long!
July: a big month as the school year ended and I left three of my jobs at one school while Zach finished infants. We went on a lovely holiday to Wales for a week but crammed in so much!
August: 2 rabbits joined the menagerie! I spent a lot of time outside enjoying relaxing in our garden
September: back to school for the kids while I adjusted to being home most of the time, aside from some pet and babysitting.
October: new arrivals as Scarlet and Ash gave birth to 6 babies between them. I wish I could capture the joy in my heart when I spotted the little ones for the first time.
November: at the end of the month I got one job and then accidentally got another on the same day! Both are clerking roles and I am looking forward to the new challenges of 2024 as I settle in.
December: very busy with new jobs including 20 hours of overtime in just 2 weeks! Christmas Eve babies for Caramel and a well earned rest for the whole family.
So now 2024 has arrived and I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises are in store…

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  1. You have had a great year you have had!
    Well done with sticking at Duolingo, I did 6 months or so of it and other things got in the way. I am planning on going back to it.
    Wow! I forgot that you only got your first guinea pigs this year, especially after you have so many now. I bet all the animals are keeping you busy.

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