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Match.com: a success story

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We’re not ashamed to admit that we met on an online dating site.

It was actually my son Matthew who inspired me to join up. I was feeling sorry for myself and very definitely unloveable. He told me not to give up (normally I hate it when the kids use my own phrases back at me) so the next day I signed up to match.com.

I was very nervous ‘putting myself out there’ and although there were some strange people that sent me messages, I met two thoroughly nice men through match and it is really sad that according to their facebook pages they are still single. I also found about 4 male friends already on there so there are more people looking than you might think.

But it was Chris who has changed my life. Third time lucky and I was certainly lucky when I responded to his questionnaire and we started messaging each other. I was really petrified on our first date and I mostly babbled on about the kids which I thought was putting him off. He walked me to my car after the meal and he kissed me. I was so relieved I hadn’t scared him off!

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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