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Gluten free mince pies 2017


I love mince pies so it was no chore to taste test this year’s offerings.
I usually buy the Tesco and Sainsbury versions (both cost £2 for a pack of 4) but this year Aldi also produced gluten free mince pies (they sold out much too quickly, please stock extra next year!)
So here are my thoughts:

Tesco’s pies are the ones I have probably eaten the most of in recent years but this year was a major disappointment. The pastry was quite thick and pale, whilst the filling was not well spiced so the whole thing was rather bland and stodgy.

Sainsbury’s pies were better as the pastry was a little thinner (but not much) and had more colour although they looked plainer than the Tesco ones. The filling was better flavoured as well.
I have also bought some iced gluten free mince pies from Sainsbury but have not yet tried them.

Aldi pies were a treat. They looked plain but the pastry was crisp and the filling was delicious. These were far superior to the other supermarket brands and were only £1.49 for the pack of 4.
The only problem with the Aldi pies was that they sold out very quickly so I was unable to buy any more 🙁 I couldn’t get a Christmas pudding because they had already sold out.
The packaging on the Tesco and Sainsbury’s pies was more festive and looked more appealing but the price and the taste makes Aldi gluten free mince pies the winner.


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  2. Natalie Newham

    I too was disappointed with Tesco’s … I usually get mine from Sainsbury’s, but thought I’d broaden my horizons! – Asda’s are meant to be nice, have you tried those?

  3. It’s this time of year that I wish I liked mince pies. I always feel like I’m missing out on a festive tradition! Looks like you had fun trying all these out though! Thank you for joining in at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again on Tuesday.

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