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Mother’s Day wine all gone :(

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Padthaway Shiraz was delicious, well chosen, Chris!


Wine, chocs, Harry Potter 3D puzzle #mothersday

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Time to enjoy #mothersday #wine #cake

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Finishing off my Mother’s Day wine and building Lego #mothersday #lego #wine

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At 14% it was potent stuff! Fantastic that it is vegan too 🙂 I had 6 small glasses over the last 6 nights and can thoroughly recommend. It is more expensive than we normally buy (currently selling for £6 a bottle) but I could definitely Taste the Difference.


  1. Jen

    It is lovely to be able to enjoy a good glass of wine. I think it was Christmas when I last had one :/
    Australian wine is fab too, can rely on the quality and taste.

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