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Mr Kipling Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell Loaf Cake

I couldn’t resist it! I saw this on offer at the supermarket and just HAD to try it! I love the flavours of cherry bakewells and combined in a cake was something that I needed in my life 🙂

Mr Kipling has finally got round to producing wheat free bakes! I remember Mr Kipling products from throughout my childhood before my wheat diagnosis so I was super excited to spot their new range that I can enjoy and really hope they add more products soon!

The taste of the cake was absolutely delicious. The texture was rich and moist. The icing was gooey and sticky whilst the almonds on top added a little crunch.
Unfortunately there is a down side 🙁 An awful lot of the cake and icing remain stuck on the packaging so it looked a bit messy. Not a problem if the appearance doesn’t matter!
The other problem I had was serving size. As you can see from the slice above, I cut the cake into THREE pieces so each had a cherry on top. Afterwards I looked at the packaging and it says the cake is supposed to serve EIGHT!!! Oops! My serving size was perfect for my appetite and if I’d only been served an eighth I would have been bitterly disappointed

I will buy this again as the taste was so fab and perhaps I will make the portions slightly smaller…


  1. It’s refreshing to see more brands producing wheat-free products. The range has been quite limited until recently. And I’d be miffed too at the serving suggestion! I wouldn’t be sharing it, I tell you haha!

  2. Emma

    I’ve never really liked cherries but as my sister has coeliac disease I think it’s so great that more and more brands are making gluten free versions now! x

  3. Yay! At last wheat free bakes! Well done Mr Kipling. Shame it wasn’t a bit neater in the packaging but that might have something to do with the supermarket storing. It sounds delicious though! We’d definitely give it a try x

  4. I too love cherry bakewells and it does look delicious. Like you I would be disappointed with the size of the portion if split in to 8 but it is fab that it is gluten free x

  5. So fab that there is more choice for people that need gluten free. And the whole portion thing is a joke I’m sure they do it because of the traffic light thing on the packets!

    Thanks for joining #foodiefriday

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