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Red Kite Push Me 2 U stroller in plum


Sadly our buggy didn’t survive the holiday to the Isle of Wight. It did a fair amount! But then the back wheel tyre broke so a new pushchair was required. The second we got home I started surfing the net looking for a replacement and couldn’t resist this Red Kite Push Me 2 U in plum from Tesco direct. It cost £35.99 and was available to click and collect the next day.


So the pros:
  • great value for money,
  • includes a rain cover,
  • the purple colour!
  • padded seat
  • easy to steer
  • comfortable to push (Chris had issues with other pushchairs having lower handles but this suits him!)
And the cons:
  • shopping basket is tiny and awkward to access
  • the recline feature is basically non existent
  • rain cover may not be big enough for long legged toddlers
Overall we are really pleased with our new pushchair and judging by the sleeping beauty so is Zach!


  1. That sounds like a bargain. I’m at the other end of the buggy journey now as our old Maclaren is still sitting in our study, unused for a couple of years but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it! I really have to move on! #BloggerClubUK

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