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Starting a make up routine, eeeek!

It’s no secret that I have been feeling a little dowdy, Just a mum, not me. 8 years ago I wouldn’t have left the house without make up on. What a difference having kids has made!
I watched a video by Motherhood: The Real Dealย which convinced me I could do make up quickly and properly just by changing my products and methods!

So I took the advice and bought primer, BB cream and a foundation brush.
I started out with just the BB cream and fingertip application. It was actually an old cream that had been lying around in a drawer that I think I bought at Lidl. I wasn’t too impressed immediately after application but 10 minutes later my skin looked so much better. Still natural and me, just a bit better!
So far, so good. The next day I tried Rimmel primer. It is a brand that I have used regularly since my teens so I trusted it for my first venture into primer ๐Ÿ™‚ I used my new brush.
It was a strange sensation, like I was painting on my face! Does anyone else feel like that?!
Again, the immediate effect was minimal but then I guess it permeated into my skin and got to work! I put the BB cream on top and was thrilled by the results (please excuse the crazy just washed hair!).

I am completely converted to this new regime! In hardly any time at all, I look like me but better. Natural enough to still be me but I know I’ve put the effort in.
I am also putting more effort into my skin care in terms of cleansing and exfoliation now that I am back to wearing make up daily and this is where my SENSSE brush comes in (check out the post for the chance to win your own!)
Just as a little extra: I paint my toenails once a month and my choice for July is a bright vibrant blue from Maybelline. I wanted a complete contrast to the pastel of last month and my sister has bought this for my birthday last year. It definitely requires 2 coats to get the colour properly but dries VERY quickly!

Thanks for reading! What are your best beauty buys and what is your daily regime?

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  1. My daughter is mad on primer, I must say I’ve never tried it assuming it will look a bit ridiculous on my old skin but perhaps I should have a little go, it looks beautiful on you (much younger than me! ) #TriedTested .

  2. I really need to sort out a regime for myself! I had a great beauty regime through my late teens and most of my 20’s but its slipped since having my daughter 4yrs ago and I still haven’t sorted it out! Now I’m 30, I need to be using moisturiser and taking care of my skin. I’m also pregnant and suffering from hormonal eczema too!


  3. You look great. Love the blue nails. It’s my favourite for toes for quite. While now. I started getting back into my skincare and beauty routine and I feel so much better for it. I’m loving REN Skincare and the Bodyshop products.

    Kat x

  4. I’m quite inspired by this! I never wear make-up, like EVER. I’m 43 and I don’t possess any make-up. But I’m not looking any younger and I would like something subtle to make me look just a bit better without a lot of hassle. This sounds like it could work for me!

  5. It’s good that wearing makeup is making you feel better as that’s the main reason we should wear it. I wear quite a bit of makeup but that’s purely for my own benefit and no one elses x

  6. I don’t wear make up day to day, I feel so much better when my face is fresh. I wear it on a night out and I think because I make a real effort then, it is more noticeable – my husband is always really surprised at how well I scrub up!

  7. I’m still looking for a primer that does what I want it to. I’m thinking of investing in an Elizabeth Arden one as it is meant to moisturise the skin. That blue is so vibrant, perfect for sunny days!

  8. I didn’t wear makeup for six months after childbirth, then I had enough and decided to do it every day again. I still have a problem finding time for painting nails though ๐Ÿ™
    You look great and your nails too.

  9. I don’t leave the house without some face cream, foundation, blush and mascara! I have quickly got into the routine and once your doing it, it becomes so much quicker and easier to do. Doesn’t take long but makes you feel so much better

  10. I don’t leave the house without make-up ever, but it was only about just over a year ago that I changed my normal routine and bought my first make-up brush. I felt like I was painting myself at first, but now its the norm for me. My whole routine has changed. I used more products but less of and can be done in under 15 minutes! #TriedTested

  11. You’ll be surprised how quickly applying make-up just does become routine! I do find painting my nails such a luxury these days though haha x

  12. I’ve never really worn make-up, but like you, I’ve been feeling I ought to care more about my looks too. And I think you’ve done a great job. Off to check out that video you were talking about ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I only use mascara, under eye concealer and eye brow pencil for makeup so it takes me about 2 minutes to apply every morning. I would love to add some foundation or primer but I need to get a proper make up consultation I think! #bestandworst

  14. I get you! My make-up routine is so minimal, most days, I don’t look like I’ve done anything at all! I definite think I still try to make some sort of an effort! My must do’s are concealer, brows, blusher and eyeliner, this generally takes me 5 minutes or less depending on how rowdy my brows are or if i’ve had a breakout. I tried primers, but I’m just too lazy to put in an extra step. #bestandworst

  15. It makes such a difference to your wellbeing to look after your skin & put a bit of make up, doesn’t it? I’ve got my make up routine down to 10-15 mins in the morning and I also spend about the same amount of time in the evening looking after my skin – taking off the make up is a must (I love using oil cleansers!) plus exfoliating, sometimes followed by a hydrating mask and always finishing off with a facial oil/ serum and eye cream. I think it pays off as my friends and work colleagues always comment my skin looks fresh and healthy. Xx

  16. I never wear makeup unless it’s for a big day out that I’ll be vlogging, or an evening out such as diiner. It’s too hot to wear makeup during the day here. And I’m absolutely LOVING that colour Laura! Must hunt it out if I can here xxx

  17. Michelle Murray

    I am rubbish when it comes to make up. I usually buy what’s on offer and slap it on every morning whatever way I think is right

  18. Emma

    I’m massively into makeup and skincare etc as I hate being ‘just a mum’ and that stuff makes me feel more like me… it’s definitely worth starting small. I’m with you on the foundation brushes – they can make it feel like you’re painting your face on but you get used to it x

  19. Honestly you look equally lovely in both photos. I only really have a routine in the winter when I don’t have a tan. I am too lazy lol. It’s nice to feel better for putting make up on.

  20. you look lovely, I love makeup, I know nothing about how to use it but I adore it and gotta get it on before i leave the house (or ill look like my dad in a dress) i always do my makeup daily, nothing big crazy, eyebrows, eyelashes etc…

  21. I’ve only just started using make up. I’m a bridesmaid next year and I think it’s going to take that long for my skin to get used to the feel of it! I don’t really have much of a favourite product yet, but I do like my mascara (Revolution Extra Black)

  22. I myself have just tried a little overhaul, new primark clothes and actually got my nails done for the first time in over 18 months. they are so pretty, its amazing what a bit of polish can do for your self esteem! Im loving the blue colour – definitely a colour I’d love to wear!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  23. Wow! You look stunning and that nail polish is so cute. Finding a makeup product that can you save time and energy is certainly a great value for money.

  24. You look lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ I am make up obsessed!! I generally wear a full face every single day unless I’m ill, I have my timing down to around 15-2o mins a day though I know my own routine, I find it makes my skin look alot clearer and I actully enjoy putting it on ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for linking up to this weeks #bestandworst

  25. I’ve never not worn make up, it’s my personal safety blanket. Just recently I delved into the world of eyelash extensions and I swear it’s taken so much time off my routine. My eyes were always the area that needed the most attention but with eyelash extensions they always look amazing. I even feel more confident without any make up with the extensions. You look fab by the way. #bloggerclubuk

  26. I started using BB cream last year and I swear by it! So much lighter and more natural looking than foundation. I use one with a bronzer in it and it’s fab…gives me a sun-kissed look all year round! #Triumphanttales

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