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What’s That Smell? game review!

The party game that stinks!

What’s That Smell is aimed at ages 14 plus and requires 2 or more players. I think younger players could easily join in and one of the instruction suggestions is to team up (younger and less experienced noses may have trouble discerning the different smells, plus they need supervision so as not to damage the smell cards)

Chris and I decided to try out the game once the kids had gone to bed. The game is quick and easy to set up and there is an app to download but it isn’t a requirement. You will need to have a clock or timer if you choose not to use the app.

Each player needs to have a scorecard from the pad, a cardholder and a whiff strip (a little card to brush the smell on the mystery whiff card)

Players pick a mystery card and open the first panel to reveal the smell section but keep the answer hidden. Use a whiff strip to gently brush the smell area and write down your guess on the scorecard then pass the smell card to the next player.

When everyone has finished that round, reveal the correct answers! Tally up the scores and bonus points are available via the app.
Warning! There are 4 Whiff of Shame cards for the loser to endure! The games comes with resealable bags to keep these cards in once opened: you do not want them loose in your house!

We enjoyed playing the game but I have discovered my nose is completely rubbish! Chris was really good at it and was completely revolted by the diaper blow out Whiff of Shame that he gamely tried after I declared it wasn’t too bad…

This game is lots of fun but be careful if you have a delicate nose! Great for the long winter nights ahead and Christmas entertainment!

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*we received this game for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


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