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Sainsbury’s Free From Pecan Tarts

I am not a nutty person (I can hear my sister spluttering over that 😉 and Chris also sniggered)
By which I mean I don’t really eat many nuts so I admit to being a little dubious about trying these. My uncle and aunt bought these for Zach’s birthday party and they are delicious, I was really pleasantly surprised, especially as they are not something I would normally choose for myself.
The pastry is crisp and crumbly. The pecan and toffee filling is rich, syrupy and soft and then you have the crunchy pecans on top. The flavours and textures work really well together so I can definitely imagine myself buying these again in the future.


  1. Jen

    I cannot eat nuts myself, but these do look very pleasant. I really like Sainsbury’s free from range, they do lots of variety and all the ones I’ve tried so far haven’t disappointed.

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