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IoW2017: Godshill Model Village and Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary

Our final day of the holiday was jampacked! We began by heading to Godshill and visiting the model village. The children were absolutely captivated by the amazing world that has been created. We were given a leaflet with questions to answer with the intent that it would make us look more closely at every detail. […]

IoW2017: Dinosaur Isle and Sandown Zoo

On perhaps the windiest day of the holiday we decided to head to Sandown which is a beautiful beach town. To start the day we sheltered in Dinosaur Isle. We got there as it opened which was a good idea as it soon became very busy (the second time we went around we couldn’t get […]

Saturday 12th August World Elephant Day and World Middle Child Day

This day was destined in the stars for my little Anya. She is my middle child and obsessed with elephants! She is a force of nature. She is thick skinned and determined. She is controlled by the matriarch, the oldest cow (me). No, wait, that’s elephants, I’m getting confused… Here are a few elephants facts […]