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Saturday 12th August World Elephant Day and World Middle Child Day

This day was destined in the stars for my little Anya.

She is my middle child and obsessed with elephants!

She is a force of nature. She is thick skinned and determined.

She is controlled by the matriarch, the oldest cow (me).
No, wait, that’s elephants, I’m getting confused…

Here are a few elephants facts to get your head around:
  • Elephant babies weigh an average of 120kg at birth and pregnancy lasts 2 years
  • The elephant life cycle is similar to our own with adulthood beginning aged about 18 and a life expectancy of around 70 years.
  • Asian and African elephants have different numbers of toes
  • There are only 500,000-750,000 elephants left in the wild
  • An elephant trunk has 100,000 muscles in it
Facts about middle children (and Anya)
  • Middle children tend to be independent and more likely to take risks. This is definitely Anya! She certainly knows her own mind and goes for what she wants.
  • They are also ambitious and determined. 52% of US presidents have been middle children. Watch out world, Anya could be destined for greatness…
  • Middle children have less mental and social problems as they are always in the midst of family support
When Anya was born I felt terribly guilty. Firstly because Matthew now had to share me when he’d been used to my undivided attention. But also because Anya would never know what it is like to be my sole focus. She has the benefit of an experienced, confident mum (kind of!) but has shared me from the second she was born.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate the magnificent creatures that are elephants and the bold characters that are middle children, in particular my precious Annie.



  1. Emma

    I had no idea that there was a world elephant day or middle child day for that matter! My middle child is my daughter, I’ll have to make sure I give her an extra big cuddle X

  2. What a fun little post. If we ever have another child and my youngest became a middle child, h would fit the bill perfectly. He is such a determined and ambitious little thing.

  3. I know, right? Middle children have the best qualities! My 3 boys are all so different, and there are so many things I love about all of them individually – our middle child just has lots of the qualities that middle children seem to have and I absolutely adore him for being the one who quite literally gets along with everyone else and embraces life in ways so few people do! Hurray for middle children (and elephants!) #mainylovessummer

  4. Great post, something you have taught me is that elephants are pregnant for 2 years..yikes! Lovely post:)
    Thanks for linking up with #mainylovessummer
    Mainy x

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