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Holiday 2019: Linlithgow Palace and Calderglen Country Park

Linlithgow Palace is a beautiful ruin of a pleasure palace for the Stewart monarchs. James V and his daughter Mary Queen of Scots were booth born here as well as James VI’s daughter Princess E,izabeth from whom the Hanoverians are descended. Sadly the palace became derelict after the monarchy united with that of England and […]

Tigeropolis-Caught In the Trap, by R.D. Dikstra

Animal safety, species preservation and the protection of the planet are high on my agenda thanks to my veganism, and I have been looking for ways to raise my children’s awareness whilst still being age appropriate. Tigeropolis- Caught In The Trap is the third book by R.D. Dikstra to be set in the fictional nature […]

#Blogtober18 day 21: unusual pets for #ReptileAwarenessDay

My mum adores reptiles. She once owned a tortoise but it ran away! I would love to have a tortoise and maybe one day when we have enough space for the heat lamp enclosure… There is something fascinating and other-worldly about reptiles. I think it is the combination of the skin, the cold bloodedness and […]

#Blogtober18 day 6: forest creatures for #NationalBadgerDay

I am not a fan of animals. I have written about it before when discussing my vegetarianism. I am not a fan of the big outdoors in general and am happiest indoors with a good book and a cuppa. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty of nature and the wonderful animals that […]

Marwell Zoo and the Great (Lego) Brick Safari

Somehow a whole month has got away from me! We visited Marwell just after we got back from holiday at the beginning of August and I have so busy I forgot to share our fantastic day! What is better than showing the children the wonders of the natural world? The real thing plus Lego versions! […]