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#Blogtober18 day 6: forest creatures for #NationalBadgerDay

I am not a fan of animals. I have written about it before when discussing my vegetarianism. I am not a fan of the big outdoors in general and am happiest indoors with a good book and a cuppa.
But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty of nature and the wonderful animals that grace our land.

For #NationalBadgerDay, here are some facts about badgers that I didn’t know before writing this post!
  1. I think of the badger as being British but there are in fact 11 species across the world.
  2. Males are boars, females are sows and babies are cubs
  3. Sometimes they allow foxes and rabbits to live in their setts with them
  4. Badgers are omnivorous but the majority of their diet is earthworms. They are also the main predator of hedgehogs in the UK
  5. We don’t know where the word badger comes from. It may come from an old French word for digger or be a reference to the badge-like mark on their foreheads.

Have you ever seen a badger? Probably not as they are strictly nocturnal and avoid humans (so how did the picture above get taken…?)

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