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#Blogtober18 day 21: unusual pets for #ReptileAwarenessDay

My mum adores reptiles. She once owned a tortoise but it ran away! I would love to have a tortoise and maybe one day when we have enough space for the heat lamp enclosure…
There is something fascinating and other-worldly about reptiles. I think it is the combination of the skin, the cold bloodedness and the ruthless eyes!

We have had a couple of snakes in our home before (well, my parents’ while we lived there!). We live close to the river so there are lots of grass snakes around and my parents’ often get them in their garden pond. On 2 occasions though they have made it inside (helped by Tanzi the cat): one time my dad found one at the end of the hall and asked if we’d brought it in: errr no! The other time I was sat at the dining table giving Matt his tea when Tanzi just waltzed in with a snake in her mouth. We chased her off and sat there fascinated until Dad came home to rescue it (us!)
Matthew is not such a big fan of reptiles. He prefers birds as the chicken is actually the closest living relative to T Rex…
What pet do you have and would you ever get a reptile?


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