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book blitz

The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland

This book had me gripped from the very first chapter. A child going missing is a nightmare every parent dreads. It happens to Gemma at the start of The Perfect Family but thankfully quickly has a happy outcome. Then other things start happening which put Gemma and her family at odds with their friends and […]

Promise Me by Jade Beer

This book really affected me and I sobbed for about 30 minutes when I finished it. It wasn’t that the ending was particularly sad but the book was so real and human that I felt I had gone on an emotional journey with the characters. It wasn’t until I read the acknowledgments at the end […]

The Goodnight Song by Nick Hollin

My review: Nathan and Katie are hiding. From the world, but also keeping their feelings hidden from each other. They have been through a tough time together after Nathan’s twin brother was revealed as a vicious murderer before attacking Katie and then being killed. Suddenly, it is revealed via a blog that Cameron’s crimes were […]