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Wear a mask, keep your distance and stop whinging

There are over 100,000 dead in the UK. Each one a life, loved, valued, mourned. I am getting so wound up by the covidiots who refuse to wear a mask or who flout the rules on social distancing. There are genuine reasons why a mask is not appropriate but an infringement of human rights is […]

Should schools reopen in January 2021?

Should schools reopen in January? This question was asked in a local group and is one that the nation is eagerly awaiting the answer to! In light of the new variant, the┬áChristmas mixing of households, our struggling NHS, is it ethical to open schools?   Is it ethical to keep them closed when our children […]

#Project366 2020 week 42

Day 285: a lazy Sunday walk to feed the ducks with Mum and Dad   Day 286: I think Ollie missed us when we went to school on Monday Day 287: early morning artwork on the side of the car   Day 288: a bit of midweek baking to test out our Nadiya deluxe baking […]

Life in lockdown: our wedding anniversary staycation

Two years since we said ‘I do’ and the world seems like a completely different place! The hottest August days for decades and we finally braved the pandemic and left the house to visit tourist attractions and stay overnight in a hotel. Our first stop was Audley End House and Gardens. We have been English […]