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Covid strikes again 2023!

Eighteen months since my last brush with covid, and it has been back with a vengeance! Anya had it a second time earlier this year but the rest of us escaped it (immunity is WEIRD!) This time it began with Matthew feeling distinctly under the weather but we were surprised when he tested positive as […]

Things I am Thankful For In Lockdown…

…and dreading when ‘normality’ resumes! Things are gradually shifting back to pre-Covid and although the lifting of all restrictions has been postponed I have enjoyed some aspects of lockdown: Saving money. Wow, we have saved on petrol, takeaways, days out, school trips etc. I hope that we can spend the money on holidays and family […]

Spring forward and looking ahead to the rest of 2021

So the clocks went forward last weekend. The next easing of lockdown began on Monday. Easter holidays started at 3pm yesterday. Change is a natural part of life and things seem to be happening this week! I feel a sense of positivity that was impossible this time last year as we began our first lockdown, […]

This time a year ago…

This time a year ago… we had NO IDEA what was coming our way. This time a year ago… 125,000 lives in the UK and 2.5 million lives worldwide were being lived, now tragically cut short by covid. This time a year ago… I was expecting a short sharp lockdown. I expected we’d close 2 […]

How to help your child adjust to being back at school

The end of lockdown in sight. It has been tough for parents, teachers, children, EVERYONE! Some children (and parents) will be thrilled that schools are fully reopening next week but others will be cautious and need extra reassurance. Getting ready Give them information about the school routine and structure of the day. Talk about the […]