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Covid strikes again 2023!

Eighteen months since my last brush with covid, and it has been back with a vengeance! Anya had it a second time earlier this year but the rest of us escaped it (immunity is WEIRD!) This time it began with Matthew feeling distinctly under the weather but we were surprised when he tested positive as it was only cold symptoms. We only tested him when a cough developed.

I was shocked at the lack of rules this time around. You are advised to stay home (3 days for a child and 5 days for an adult) but it isn’t obligatory. If you feel well enough then you can carry on as normal!
Chris came down with it next and then Friday 13th was my turn (unlucky for some?) I had been feeling a bit grotty for a few days but my tests were all negative. My chest felt ever so tight and  breathing was hard work. Then there was a slight positive line when my chest felt better! At this point my cold symptoms kicked in and I also had flu like shivers, sweats and aches. A day later and a poorly tum joined the mix.
I had an absolutely horrendous 72 hours with an ebb and flow of symptoms. Sometimes I briefly felt almost well but other times I wondered if I might need to go to hospital as breathing was so difficult. Then all of a sudden I felt better! Totally drained but the cough had vanished, my tum was better, cold symptoms gone, yay!
Covid is still a big deal and likely to be a killer this winter. However, I feel that the advice is halfhearted at best and testing seems to be discouraged.
I am somewhat relieved that we’ve had it now rather than once temperatures plummet. I have felt really ill and have been worried about spreading it to others especially Zach and my parents who have still never had covid! There is also a terrible guilt about the risk of infecting others through not staying home and I fear for the vulnerable this winter.

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  1. Oh no! I hope everyone is feeling better now. It sounds like you had a really rough time of it.
    I have been testing this week, I have had a cold since Monday and I feel rotten. Ugh. So far I’m negative. x

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