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My Covid diary: day 10 at last!

So I have reached day 10 of Covid! I would not wish this illness on anyone and dread to think how ill I would have been without being fully vaccinated.
Day 0 saw me test positive after a day at school when I hadn’t felt too bad. Just a slight feeling at the back of my nose and throat that I thought could be the start of a cold. I had done my regular twice weekly test the day before and it had been negative so the positive was a surprise! Within hours of accepting I had Covid, I was in bed feeling truly awful, struggling to breathe.
Day 1 was terrible. I started off with another lateral flow test just to make sure even though I felt dreadful. Wow, it was such a speedy result, I must have been mega infectious! I managed to have hot sweats and cold shivers at the same time. Most of the day was spent in bed, except for running to be sick every so often. I couldn’t concentrate on anything so no TV or reading!

Days 2 and 3 was much the same and I went from a big blanket in front of the TV to bed, via the bathroom to be sick of course!
Day 4 saw symptoms begin to ease or maybe that was because I had to swing into mum mode to look after Zach who was home with a poorly tum. There is certainly less time to wallow when you have a 5 year old exploding from both ends!

Day 5 and I was feeling better so felt hopeful that I might not test positive any more. But no, there it was… Plus Chris tested positive, I have spread the Covid joy!
Days 6 and 7 the positive line was even stronger than it had been any other time!
Day 8 and apart from a cough I felt ok. I was also exhausted but that could be a result of Zach being ill in the night and worrying about him.
Day 9 saw the faintest of faint lines. I really thought it was negative as it wasn’t there straight away and ran back to bed feeling happy that I could hug my kids properly again. Then 20 minutes later the line was there, faint but there 🙁

And now here we are on day 10! And the result was finally negative! I kissed my kids whether they wanted me to or not 🙂 I think they are all relieved that I am well enough to be annoying again! Back to work on Friday but I’m thinking running will take a break…


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  2. So glad you are well again. I had it bad in Feb so completely relate to the hot sweats and cold shivers. It took me ten days to get myself back on my feet. So strange how some people hardly suffer at all with it and other people like us become really unwell. #dreamteam

  3. Glad you’re better – that was a long time to be sick!! I wish it would go away. i’m glad you were vaxxed. It’s so random how it affects people!! I hope you get well enough to run soon. #Dreamteam

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